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of the report. The East, Central and Southern Africa were inhabited mostly by Bantu speaking people. . Currently Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies, University of Zambia, Lusaka. In contemporary times Tumbuka used the term Cuma to mean Riches. . However, some people still used sticks made from Mphengala trees to work with in the garden. . They would be there until dusk. . Occasionally the son or grandson of a royal family would also acquire the skill. XXI, The South African Archeological Society, Vol. This was even before the white men brought their hoes. . Introduction, the source, nature, process and spread of traditional iron smelting in East, 1 Central and Southern Africa has been documented. Nipera wayskana nabvimathanthwe bvira moto wakatiti unandi comeneNganjo yayamba kunya. This was a sedimentary deposit which had been laid down along stream edges and in Dambos and which could be used to make poorer quality iron.18 This statement is not followed by how and why. . The first significant iron center was at Merve in the Sudan, in Northern Africa. . This was the case in Engangeni area where they dug it from Dembos. The practical knowledge that it can be made into implements and gadgets like hoes, ploughs and bicycle parts, would further remove the mysticism that even the simplest technology currently creates. . The nganjo was usually built to just beyond an average mans height. . Cooke, Account of Iron Smelting Techniques Once Practiced by the Manyubi of the matopo District of Rhodesia, The South African Archeological Society, June, 1966, part II, Vol. The radio carbon dating map of Africa is reproduced from the same Journal by the Geography Department of the University of Zambia. The most relevant phenomenon however, is the field work she conducted in 1973 among the Dimi people who lived in the northern part of the Omo Valley in South West Ethopia. . This has led to the suggestion that what is needed are technologies which are intermediate english between these two extremes.16 The idea is that a project at the intermediate level of technology would cost K300 as opposed to K3000 with high technology and K3 with traditional. The Tumbuka brought the iron smelting skill among the Oewa of South-Eastern Lundazi around Kapichila Village (see fig. Dambo An area which is wet with green grass; sometimes it is swampy. .

Loans made in California are pursuant to a Department of Corporations California Finance Lenders License. Guarantee, further technical confirmation would be necessary in this regard. My thanks to Jane Myers who is Bowman Hall Secretary at Bridgewater College. South African Archeological Bulletin, vol, the classroom material on traditional iron smelting of the current types can hardly be expected to be useful since they often are riddled with colonial biases. Quick, then the molten liquid gushed out of the nganjo and solidified as it cooled. Unicef in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Zambia for indirectly sponsoring the study. It is further asserted by the two authors that expansion of the Bantu from Southern Sudan spread iron metallurgy to East. One of the Teachers Handbooks for social studies discusses traditional iron smelting. Tumbuka Engangeni They used to say the nganjo has vomited and you would throw away everything from. Clay and ores, is made as to the correctness or sufficiency of any information contained herein.

UPS Capital offers supply chain finance and insurance services that can help mitigate risks, improve your cash flow and accelerate and protect payments.Process of traditional iron smelting in eastern zambia and its possible impac on appropriate technology.

Suggestions are advanced regarding aspects of iron work which could be the focus for a further study. When the site is located, similar studies with mgs english papers identical objectives have been conducted in Ethiopia by Todd. They used to dig them out of the ground selecting the good quality only 4 Consequently, they smelted iron from which they made hoes for use in the gardens. The supports were for preventing it from collapsing and mgs english papers injuring people. Improvement in the standard of living will be lopsided or a mere flicker in the pan. West Africa and further Southwards to the high lands of East Africa.

Small vent holes were located around the base of the nganjo. .Because the nganjo was taller than an average person, scaffolds and supports were built around. .As for the other minerals like Copper, Cobalt, Manganese, Zinc, shown in the table, their presence in smaller proportions if hardly a constraint to smelting them. .

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