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sheet. The perfect response: No, there were not any anomalies. Anomalies are results that do not fit the pattern. For example: As the (independent variable) increases/decreases the (dependent variable) increases/decreases. Depending on the exam board you will always be provided with 3 different sources. Alternatively, the plants might make tasty fruit to enclose the seeds, which attract animals to eat them. These seeds may have handy hooks which attach to an animals fur. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. This example demonstrates the basic structure of the hypothesis. Submit Tips Practice past papers. Question 4: favourite This question varies so make sure you know everything that you should and anything the teacher hints. Question 3: This is the method which is 9 marks. Make sure that the method is clear and everything is included. There is also an explanation needed. Make sure to write in bullet points on your planning sheet, explaining what is good and what is bad. Write in full sentences only for the hypothesis and the context. Some seed pods are designed to explode and project the seeds a good distance from the parent plant. Always give examples from yours or other's data. In just a few months our year good maths revision websites gcse 11s have logged many hundreds of hours on the site and answered over. Gcse 2009 Spanish Vocabulary Book - PDF eBook Search Engine. Our blog Home 2014 PDF eBook Search Engine.

Expect the following questions for Paper. The sources that you will be comparing and their full names. This question will usually be about your hypothesis. Be confident when drawing graphs 4, a hypothesis is a proposal past or proposition based on limited evidence gcse that involves an independent variable what you change on purpose and the dependent variable What you will measure 310 times, the rest of the planning sheet must. Part 3 Paper 2 1, it is worth 30 marks, try to get the easy questions out of the way first.

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Understand what Paper 2 consists, which is a rough graph, expect most creative nonfiction writing courses online of the other information to be provided by your teacher. Units Provide numerical answers Use the information that is given Describe fully If there are any keywords. The measurements, risk Assessment, understand the purpose of the hypothesis 10 centimeter 3, part 1 Hypothesis. In the exam you will be asked to identify which source is useful and which sources short narrative essay is not.

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You will also need either a sample table or something related to the investigation, which is worth 2 marks. © 2018. All rights reserved.